Swimming 20 KM During March to prevent youth suicide.

Swimming 20 KM During March to prevent youth suicide.


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I'm sharing this activity though I did not register for this activity it's only to spread awareness Of suicide in Youth. And the reason for that is, I wasn't sure if I'm fit enough to participate being that it's been quite a while since I last surfed (since 2020), Swimming in my current condition i feel like i could swim 1 KM in one day for no more than 5 days without cramping up. We'll see how i am next year though.  Due to this, I'm spreading the awareness by this post as may have a greater impact than if otherwise.

IT's important that we Remember to be thoughtful of other people's feelings while playing sport. Remember that Sport is for those who want to better themselves as an individual. And not to make anyone ever feel excluded, because remember such attitude will only hurt oneself, because when everyone is included in sport, we all benefit.

It's now about the 5th paddle andthis month, Not many things in life are for sure, though if you've become a cave dweller like myself and many others, by gaining the courage to return to the field of play and enjoy something that you once really did, that  all the benefits that sport has to offer, will return upon you when you connect with your favourite sport That's for sure..

Swim to save lives 1-31 March 2023

Every day, another young person in Australia loses their life to suicide.

Dive in this March to raise funds for ReachOut, and you’ll make sure young people in Australia have the mental health support they urgently need.

It’s free to sign up and with every lap you swim, you’ll help save lives.

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